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January 2019

"So You Automated Your Coworkers Out of a Job" (Gizmodo) :https://t.co/paC5Zr3jbI. Indeed: mixed feelings when automating with #RPA
RT @kunalpatel085: So #Banking what's the #strategy for 2019 folks? Why fix it if it ain't broke right? ???????????????????? Via @11FSTeam and @davidbrear. Have a great weekend all. @KirkDBorne @Ronald_vanLoon @MikeQuindazzi @psb_dc @guzmand @stratorob @Xbond49 @helene_wpli @LoharPrasanna @Chris_Skinner https://t.co/SfjsogCBNI
The #proximus news in Business Architecture language : how to align the organization with new strategic capabilities.... #bizarch
@simonbrown I switched to Archimate for all kind of architecture and documentation about 8 years ago and never looked back. Details need complements: process design (bpmn), sequence diagrams, data models with attributes, APIs...
RT @Michael_Knorr: "If you can't figure out how to say No to Good, you won't get to say Yes to Great." #LivingForward

December 2018

4 top trends that will impact cybersecurity strategies in 2019 : Predictive AI for breach prevention deployed | Information Management https://t.co/vvoVk4ZnQE
RT @semilimes: This goes out to everyone that has face-recognition to unlock their phone - 3D-printed heads let hackers ? and cops ? unlock your phone - https://t.co/ET15OtOEmb #3Dprinting #TechNews https://t.co/HhiJpqf8zU
RT @BOC_Group: [What Experts Say] Did you know that BOC Group made a significant move to "Visionaries" Quadrant in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools? https://t.co/8ruSmVm9i0 @Gartner_inc #EntArch #itarch https://t.co/Qz97OUAuEO
Do you know CHOOSE ? Coming from KAOS. (PDF) CHOOSE: Towards a Metamodel for Enterprise Architecture in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises #entarch https://t.co/n7arvLSLUl

November 2018

@librarianbe Tarzan, avant qu'il ne sorte de la jungle.
@jbsarrodie @ajpbradley People create value. Tools don't. A fool with a tool...
@ajpbradley It says more about the people you work with than about archimate. Do you collaborate well with each other ?
RT @charlietheking: This is my favourite festive GDPR gag of Christmas 2018 so far. https://t.co/2HheWIkviV
@StephaneMallard c'est pas un scoop... c'est pour cela que je suis indépendant
@LaurentSoual Tous les malefices sont momentanément indisponibles, occupés dans de nombreuses régions du monde.

October 2018

Fabien Pinckaers (Odoo): "Je continue à me comporter comme si je n'avais pas d'argent" | Mon Argent https://t.co/VEPqvykb3J

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