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December 2018

4 top trends that will impact cybersecurity strategies in 2019 : Predictive AI for breach prevention deployed | Information Management https://t.co/vvoVk4ZnQE
RT @semilimes: This goes out to everyone that has face-recognition to unlock their phone - 3D-printed heads let hackers ? and cops ? unlock your phone - https://t.co/ET15OtOEmb #3Dprinting #TechNews https://t.co/HhiJpqf8zU
RT @BOC_Group: [What Experts Say] Did you know that BOC Group made a significant move to "Visionaries" Quadrant in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools? https://t.co/8ruSmVm9i0 @Gartner_inc #EntArch #itarch https://t.co/Qz97OUAuEO
Do you know CHOOSE ? Coming from KAOS. (PDF) CHOOSE: Towards a Metamodel for Enterprise Architecture in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises #entarch https://t.co/n7arvLSLUl

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