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February 2024

January 2024


December 2023

For years I have used Wordpress on jfdeclercq.info/perso and jfdeclercq.biz.  Those sites were hosted on Bluehost and this hosting service has not given me satitsfaction, and they cost me money too. I have backed up all my wordpress sites and I'm ready to leave wordpress and bluehost.

So I'm thinking about going back to basics... and free services !

We will meet here or on social media...

July 2023

No tickets this year so I listen to #oneworldreadio :



from In JF's mind https://ift.tt/hYcq9ij

May 2023

RT @digitalwallonia: L?organisation constitue un point critique dans l'analyse de la maturité #numérique des #entreprises. En effet, vous pouvez choisir le meilleur outil numérique au monde pour transformer votre entreprise, s?il n?est pas adopté par vos équipes ni intégré dans l?organisation, il ne? https://t.co/59SKTBVz1x
@PhilippeGilbert Super travail sur eurosport. Merci !

March 2023

Interesting video/presentation of EDGY: a language for "enterprise design" (on https://t.co/Ki9p2E9pFN) https://t.co/5c61lFJWuu
You must be ready to loose the race if you want to win it.
L'informatique c'est "todi on'saquè qui n'va nin".

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