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November 2015

Colruyt Group: paiement mobile élargi aux apps KBC/CBC et Bancontact/Mister Cash | Gondola https://t.co/0UhrIawei5
Gartner Report Names MEGA a Leader in Enterprise Architecture Tools - MarketWatch https://t.co/R7IAA0WKgZ
Exploit de la Belgique qui décroche le bronze au Mondial U17 https://t.co/dzLegdSV96
Exploit de la Belgique qui décroche le bronze au Mondial U17 http://ow.ly/3yptsl
Digital Transformation Depends Upon Next-Generation Architecture Tools - Forbes https://t.co/c231FyDZTh #entarch
Est-ce qu'il y a moyen d'être plus c.. que Benzema ?
@faes @zoho Yes email also. Just at the moment I press send...
"Life is what happens when you had planned something else" #newjob #entarch
La troisième place du prix mercure 2015 revient à CRU #comeos #colruyt https://t.co/EGTET4nPum
Never buy a book at Ikea https://t.co/88xI0rcXZu
RT @Salondulivre: Les 5 tendances du livre numérique en 2015 : https://t.co/6djz8hUr1v

October 2015

Colruyt test elektronische prijsetiket met kleuren | Gondola https://t.co/y6NfuM89aO #epaper
Colruyt test elektronische prijsetiket met kleuren | Gondola https://t.co/t3Qu2vsEG5 #epaper

"When I was growing up and I was going to overpriced colleges, they were always telling us, “You’ve got to accumulate a wonderful resume, you’ve got to climb this hurdle and this hurdle and this hurdle, become partner, become editor-in-chief, become Supreme Court judge.” And that seems to lead to permanent dissatisfaction, because once you become a Supreme Court judge, you want to become the head of the court in the Hague, or once you get the Pulitzer Prize you want the Nobel Prize, so there’s never any end to that craving. So I think going nowhere in some ways seemed to me a more promising alternative than always trying to get somewhere."


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