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January 2023

December 2022

When I see my social media and some e-commerce websites, I have the feeling I'm fighting against algorithms. Beware where you click and search because everything comes back as a boomerang.
@LouisColart @lesoir @Knack Mais non, c'est juste du cash pour les petits commercants, pour acheter le pain par exemple...

November 2022

Albert Einstein is supposed to have said that, given one hour to save the world, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes finding the solution. - Food for thought for IT projects...

October 2022

RT @Frustration_web: 1-COMMENT EST-ON PASSÉ DE ÇA... A ÇA ? https://t.co/WuwWqigKU3

September 2022

June 2022

This training is free for selected profiles : Career Transition Tracks in 2022 + residents of Belgium only
Add cybersecurity to your enterprise architecture #entarch skills: https://t.co/fNciid834E

May 2022

@flexyflow J'avais lu x-box.. du coup je me posais tout de même de solides questions...
Does Robotics Process Automation #RPA introduce constructive tension in the Enterprise IT Architecture ? #entarch

March 2022

@Tibius On a des cyclistes qu'on peut mettre sur rouleau #woutvanaert

February 2022

Today I learned a new term : "Phygital" meeting, when a meeting has a mix of physical and digital attendance.
"Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful" (George Box). https://t.co/x8GofbFqzc

January 2022

Voici une vidéo qui décrit le projet BNP Paribas Fortis qui m'occupe le plus pour l'instant : https://t.co/QPR8HFHyp9
RT @TF1LeJT: ?? @Stromae "C'est comme ça que je vois la vie. Elle n'est pas tout le temps blanche ou noire. Il y a des moments difficiles et des moments joyeux. C'est la vie." ? #Stromae sur @TF1 dans #LE20H https://t.co/WWWWdFuLWz

December 2021

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