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February 2024

January 2024


December 2023

For years I have used Wordpress on jfdeclercq.info/perso and jfdeclercq.biz.  Those sites were hosted on Bluehost and this hosting service has not given me satitsfaction, and they cost me money too. I have backed up all my wordpress sites and I'm ready to leave wordpress and bluehost.

So I'm thinking about going back to basics... and free services !

We will meet here or on social media...

July 2023

No tickets this year so I listen to #oneworldreadio :



from In JF's mind https://ift.tt/hYcq9ij

May 2023

RT @digitalwallonia: L?organisation constitue un point critique dans l'analyse de la maturité #numérique des #entreprises. En effet, vous pouvez choisir le meilleur outil numérique au monde pour transformer votre entreprise, s?il n?est pas adopté par vos équipes ni intégré dans l?organisation, il ne? https://t.co/59SKTBVz1x
@PhilippeGilbert Super travail sur eurosport. Merci !

March 2023

Interesting video/presentation of EDGY: a language for "enterprise design" (on https://t.co/Ki9p2E9pFN) https://t.co/5c61lFJWuu
You must be ready to loose the race if you want to win it.
L'informatique c'est "todi on'saquè qui n'va nin".

February 2023

Wamp application migration from 3.0 (php5) to Wamp3.3 (php8) was sooo easy. Good job guys. #wampserver
#ChatGPT is becoming a good friend. So I try to be polite with him so he won't block me.
@Tibius @SNCB C'est parce qu'ils vont réintroduire les trains à vapeur
@Poetwyy @AudeJavel79 La sous-dimensionnée (du coup)

December 2022

When I see my social media and some e-commerce websites, I have the feeling I'm fighting against algorithms. Beware where you click and search because everything comes back as a boomerang.
@LouisColart @lesoir @Knack Mais non, c'est juste du cash pour les petits commercants, pour acheter le pain par exemple...

November 2022

Albert Einstein is supposed to have said that, given one hour to save the world, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes finding the solution. - Food for thought for IT projects...

October 2022

RT @Frustration_web: 1-COMMENT EST-ON PASSÉ DE ÇA... A ÇA ? https://t.co/WuwWqigKU3

September 2022

June 2022

This training is free for selected profiles : Career Transition Tracks in 2022 + residents of Belgium only
Add cybersecurity to your enterprise architecture #entarch skills: https://t.co/fNciid834E

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