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Ready ForA New Day

I was today at a big Microsoft event where we could have a keynote by Bill Gates himself.

After Bill Gate's keynote, an interesting debate was planned with Innovative Project or IT Managers who had innovated in their companies (Belgacom, Fortis, Borealis, FEDICT, De Lijn, Banque De Luxembourg) by applying to a Microsoft Early Adopter program.

I was shocked to see ? of the attendance (about 2000 people among which a lot of IT Professionals) leaving the room as the debate was just starting.

I consider this as an enormous lack or respect from those people against the top Belgian IT professionals who were present and who had a concrete and sound business case to defend.

Also the Microsoft organization was really great. Respecting the speakers would have been a great return to Microsoft from those who profited from the free lunch?


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