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The Top Manager VT4

Episode 1 & 2

It' now 2 times that I watch the Top Manager.


What should I think about it after doing an MBA...

First, I believe the "exercices" do not reflect the real challenges of a Top Manager. I believe a manager must be able to care more for the long term with a lot of intelligence and strategy. The exercices so far are short term (one day) and do not allow to build much experience in the domain in order to take clever decisions. I don't believe you are born "top manager".

How can one judge the quality of someone when it's not in its primary domain and in one day ?

But OK. "Top Manager". What's in a name ?

I'm really upset by the two first decision of Rob Heyvaert to fire Wim and Xavier. For me it was clear that Koen has imposed bad ideas which turned catastrophic for the boys (Orange Juice and this complex statement over Volvo).

In the first episode I was also astonished by the fact that the boys didn't realise the distance between Gent and Waregem ? How is it possible to overlook so simple constraints.

The two first episodes showed how important it it to KEEP IT SIMPLE !!

Something else that I don't understand : if men are eliminated ok, but then I believe the boy's team should be weacker and weaker... So the next out would be, a man again...


Last edited on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 17:06:14 pm.

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