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What Is An Mba New Monday

What is an MBA? newmonday.co.uk

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a post-graduate and post-experience qualification designed for people with work experience, looking to develop as professional managers or progress in their management roles. It is also a considered a 'must have' among ambitious business consultants and investment bankers.

MBA students are often looking to acquire the relevant skills, and broaden their business and commercial knowledge. Some are sponsored by their companies, others prefer to do the course independently, affording them more freedom to increase their salary afterward. Many go on to launch their own business or run successful companies, but in all cases the earning potential of graduates leaps up significantly.

People study MBAs for a variety of reasons and the difference between a top-ranking business school, and a non-accredited programme can be vast. The name that comes after the title is almost more important than the MBA itself, but MBA students unanimously agree that whichever course you eventually chose it widens horizons and delivers an understanding of all the major functions of a business. The networking opportunities gained from working with other professionals on your course is also considered to be a huge advantage.

Not everyone automatically qualifies to study an MBA. In Europe, especially, a tertiary education and a significant amount of work experience are a pre-requisite. You can study part-time, by correspondence, over the Internet, or full time over one or two years, but not all schools are accredited by the Association of MBAs. The length and quality of your experience, together with your personal motivation are extremely relevant in securing admission to a good business school.

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