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May 2017

RT @namenick: This amazing home #library in Arizona was inspired by the 19th-century library at the Konopi?t? Castle, near Prague? https://t.co/hqOJRTV848
RT @davidmerzel: The world has never been so GREAT. Look at the world as 100 People over the last 2? https://t.co/N935i3N7z1 https://t.co/CeUlQJFz3j
Can't wait for the arrival of my new moutain bike.
On a de la chance en Belgique: nos leaders nationalistes présentent et communiquent mieux que Le Pen ou Trump.
RT @Golem_13: Réception des nouveaux plis électoraux... #LeGrandDebat https://t.co/Gmo82kmZC9
RT @ADOxxORG: Develop your individual and domain-specific graphical modelling language,by developing your syntax,semantic and gra? https://t.co/eE4UunruQN
RT @wian88: Espectaculares paisajes en Sardegna con mucha tranquilidad no podía escoger mejor sitio de partida el @giroditalia? https://t.co/ScrI4KPbxq
RT @BellLabs: BASIC computer language is 53 years old today. Retweet if BASIC was your first computer language? #ThisDayinSTEM? https://t.co/ERtGKnf9mO
Trop fort ce Ronaldo #rmaatm #cl1
RT @lapremiere: #Jour1 @FrancoisHeureux / 9h24 Pascal Chabot & Jérôme Le Maître pour Burning Out, un documentaire sur le #burnout https://t.co/9Jgmj1Kn3b
Le burnout provient du manque de lien humain dans le travail. #jourpremiere #rtbf #lapremiere

April 2017

RT @dhinchcliffe: From 2016 to 2017, 5X more #marketing automation vendors added than removed https://t.co/bCZ5ax7Kj7 Excellent overv? https://t.co/hmUsSoe85x
RT @ValaAfshar: April 27, 1981 ? The first mouse integrated with a personal computer with the Xerox Star workstation. https://t.co/aNNOOQerBL
Pour les amateurs de vélo...
La start-up belge de l'assurance Qover lève 5,5 millions d'euros https://t.co/ry8YSDCYX3
RT @ReedsyHQ: How has Stephen King managed to sell 350 million copies? Learn his 8 writing strategies here:? https://t.co/dCFhe2jGqV
Messi !!! #rmabar 2-3 !
Ha ha #rmabar 1-2...
Messi !!! #rmabar 2-3 !
Ha ha #rmabar 1-2...
Messi !!! #rmabar 1-1
Hors jeu de 3 Madrilènes ! Pfff
Messi !!! #rmabar 1-1

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