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November 2015

"Life is what happens when you had planned something else" #newjob #entarch
La troisième place du prix mercure 2015 revient à CRU #comeos #colruyt https://t.co/EGTET4nPum
Never buy a book at Ikea https://t.co/88xI0rcXZu
RT @Salondulivre: Les 5 tendances du livre numérique en 2015 : https://t.co/6djz8hUr1v

October 2015

Colruyt test elektronische prijsetiket met kleuren | Gondola https://t.co/y6NfuM89aO #epaper
Colruyt test elektronische prijsetiket met kleuren | Gondola https://t.co/t3Qu2vsEG5 #epaper

"When I was growing up and I was going to overpriced colleges, they were always telling us, “You’ve got to accumulate a wonderful resume, you’ve got to climb this hurdle and this hurdle and this hurdle, become partner, become editor-in-chief, become Supreme Court judge.” And that seems to lead to permanent dissatisfaction, because once you become a Supreme Court judge, you want to become the head of the court in the Hague, or once you get the Pulitzer Prize you want the Nobel Prize, so there’s never any end to that craving. So I think going nowhere in some ways seemed to me a more promising alternative than always trying to get somewhere."


"I see now, working in the humanitarian world, we start to help people, and we get derailed by conflict of ego, corruption — human shortcomings. So the best thing you could do instead of training to run an NGO or make accounts would be to start to become a better human being so that you can serve others better and not be distracted by trying to make everyone perfect on the way. That’s the job of the Buddha, not your job."


Aie aie aie RT @Europe1: De l'alcool et du sucre découverts sur une comète https://t.co/4p2bjeQ0lb https://t.co/vXzGyI7UeZ
RT @eprretailnews: #COLRUYT GROUP?S FRESH MARKET #CRU OPENS IN GHENT, BELGIUM https://t.co/6ngOylJZp0 https://t.co/enRKLaVHnd
Goal for today : 2 major deliverables (architecture description documents including context, goals and architectural decisions) #entarch
Goal for today : 2 major deliverables (architecture description documents including context, goals and architectural decisions) #entarch
Freaky Halloween van Kiwanis Overijse | Overijse | UiT in Vlaanderen http://t.co/SLu7JpAMVE
Vous connaissez ce couple ?
Faut 15 mois pour le concevoir? Le nouveau maillot des Diables risque de ne pas faire l'unanimité - 7SUR7.be http://ow.ly/3yjqOO
A peine ouverte, la bibliothèque numérique de Paris bientôt fermée ? - Les univers du livre http://t.co/xrnEpeWa69
Je suppose qu'ils veulent dire mot de passe...
Qu'est ce qu'on ferait sans la télé ?

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