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July 2009

I like the Tour de France a lot. Every night I enjoy the resume on een : Tour2009.

The main question this year is of course "Armstrong or Contador ?"

One can think that this competition within a single team is very unhealthy.

I don't think so.

First, it's excellent for the team because it's excellent for the sponsors: Astana. Every day that question comes back again and again.

Second, it's an excellent strategy for winning. If the Astana team mates can bring the 2 leaders safely at the top of the race when the real battle can begin, than you can let Armstrong and Contador challenge each other and let the fastest win... Plus : if one of the two leaders has a big problem, chances of winning are not lost for the team.

Now I'm curious to see if what I predict will become true : will Armstrong and Contador have a big fight "à la pédale" in the mountain ? I hope so.
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Ce weekend je racontais l'histore de l'Homme est Egaux de Coluche à mon fils Thomas.

Je termine l'histoire en disant :

"l'Homme est Egaux"

Thomas me répond alors

'Et la femme est iste"

Ca m'a bien fait rire...

June 2009

From 20090614 Croatia

It's a good idea to use a Jennaker in the Kornati's Islands...
Hier je jouais au tennis sur la WII avec mon fils Thomas, alors qu'il me dit :

Thomas : "Toi t'es Justine et moi je suis Nain !".

Moi : "Comment ?"

Thomas : "Ben oui... Justine et Nain"
Last week I was in Croatia with my family for a Saling Cruise in the Kornati Islands.

You can have a look at the pictures here :

20090614 Croatia
Maybe you don't know about it but I have a collection of Porsche Model Cars.

For Fatherday, I received a new one : a Porsche RS Spyder (Le Mans 2008).

Posted by Picasa
You can have a look at all some Porsches of my collection on this flickr Photo Album.

I have not been blogging much these 3 last weeks. I was one week in Madrid for work (you can see some pictures on Robin's Blog) and than 2 weeks in Italy (Italian's Riviera, San Remo, Genova, Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano, Firenze, Bologna and Como).

I will blog more about it end of june because too much work now...

May 2009

Last weekend we were in Rochefort to do some cycling.

We had a Bongo "Weekend Pittoresque and we decided to use it in Rochefort at "Le Vieux Carmel".

The stay at "Le Vieux Carmel" was great and so was the cycling too.

On Friday (it was May 1st) we did the Ravel between Rochefort and Houyet.

It's very easy to ride. If you do it stop at the nice café in the forest : li ptit Bambou.

On Saturday, it was time for some real Mountain Bike.

At the Vélodrome in Rochefort (Jemelle) you can follow 6 Mountain Bike routes. We decided to take the route nb 4 which is 35Km. The routes were quiet well indicated and when we lost our way it was always our fault. When you get lost the map you can buy at the Tourism Office is useful.

The MTB route brought us to Han sur Lesse where we had lunch.

The weather was great and we enjoyed it a lot. For sure, we will do it again.

Quand j'étais à l'école j'étais souvent puni (hé oui!). Une des punitions était de recopier 5 ou 10 verbes du Bescherelle.

J'entends encore Mme Mouffe au Collège de Basse-Wavre:

"Declercq vous me ferez Dissoudre, Prendre, Frire, Ecouter et Obéir à tous les temps"

Maintenant ça serait facile : copy/paste de http://www.bescherelle.com/

Au fait, c'est quoi encore "Dissoudre au passé antérieur"...

cfr http://bescherelle.leconjugueur.com/frconjugue.php?verbe=dissoudre

April 2009

Jean-François Declercq
@ibmdesign I started to read/write twits regularly when I installed Twitteroo: Jan 2007, so 6 months after I joined
Nice movie on Cloud Computing which changes our live as long as we believe the network is reliable, that our information is secure in the cloud and that clouds will not die suddenly...

"The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions"
Last year I maintained my biking statistics using Google Spreadsheet.

I did 2073Km on my bikes.

You can have a look at the spreadsheet over here:


Jean-François Declercq
I love Ubuntu 9.0.4 !!
Jean-François Declercq
My google desktop folder takes 6GB...

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