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February 2019

RT @lecho: #Huawei ouvrira son centre de la cybersécurité à #Bruxelles le 5 mars https://t.co/U3IPq0GD27 #Telecoms via @simonsouris | #HuaweiMWC #MWC2019 @HuaweiEU @HuaweiEnt #CyberSecurity https://t.co/MWiRRnhJNv
RT @EAPrincipals: What does it take for traditional companies to create value with digital technology? This McKinsey article highlights 5 enterprise-architecture practices that add value to digital transformations. https://t.co/yL6R6zj0Uv #DigitalTransformation #EntArch #BizArch #McKinsey #value
@ebonfigli le commentaire sur Drogba m'a juste bien fait rire :-)
@Eric_Michiels How many achievements do you have ? To me it looks like one per week :-)
Expression of the day : ¨shift left¨. Some of our processes need to anticipate more the demand.
@librarianbe @TourneeMinerale Ca me fait même du bien. Je me sens moins fatigué.
@Korben Oui mais c'est essentiel. Le manque de documentation est un problème majeur de l'informatique. La connaissance est dans la tête des gens ce qui les rend indispensables sans raison...
The best compliment is when someone tells me: "I want to learn architecture and work like you"
Business architects will need to work closely with business teams, so much so that by 2022, 80% of business architects will work directly for a business leader. Source: The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture - Smarter With Gartner https://t.co/rpqvYxnnYF
New business models will bring together new customers, services and experiences, but this isn?t possible without business architecture to help design and shape the execution. Source: The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture - Smarter With Gartner https://t.co/rpqvYxnnYF

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