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October 2018

RT @sporza_koers: VIDEO: Dit is de Tour-ploegentijdrit in Brussel op 7 juli 2019. Best pittig, ondervond onze "Eddy Merckx van de redactie" #TDF2019 https://t.co/G7zkF0LQyM https://t.co/fJ5llH8VFi
RT @fintanr: Containers, kubernetes, serverless - all super interesting bits of tech, but zero value on their own. It?s the app that matters - not the plumbing. Focus on what matters despite the noise and choose what you need to do the job, don?t choose the hype.
RT @DougCollinsUX: What your user sees when you use unlabeled #icons. #ux https://t.co/kbYYLr28SY
Last week I have seen a nice application of the Value Proposition Canvas #busarch #entarch https://t.co/2tGFDd6IH5
Kubernetes Is a Prime Catalyst in AI and Big Data?s Evolution https://t.co/GnZYFhgARE #datanami #kafka
"If you want to avoid deep shit, you need good plumbing" (A good colleague) #kafka #entarch
RT @jayvanbavel: The evolution of the desk explains why we no longer need one. https://t.co/qCFfQEGMPY
@strategyzer @AlexOsterwalder I like the term "saboteurs" :-)
RT @DansLaMusette: - Je suis avec Yves Lampaert. Yves, un petit mot sur la course ? - Ik spreek geen Frans. - En tout cas on te le souhaite. #BincheChimayBinche https://t.co/Rpb55prUt8

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