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Welcome to jfdeclercq.com, the personal web page of JeanFrancoisDeclercq.
Please don't hesitate to send me a comment

What's on this site ?

  • SiteMap : An attempt to structure my creativity on this web site
  • AllPages is the list of all pages of this web site
  • MostPopular is a ranking of the most popular pages of this web site

The main themes of this site is categorized with tis page : Tags.

You will also find content coming from my "Applications of ePaper" blog:

This blog is linked to my "professional" website :

What's new ?

Please start by reading my what's up page. It contains my latest posts (favorites, articles, news).

Articles I write on this web site's wiki are here : NewContent.


Here are all my rss feeds.

What else ?

  • CopyPaste : texts I like that I copy on that page
  • ComingSoon is a possible preview of subjects I might dicuss in the future
  • NewContent is the list of the pages I have created or updated recently on this site

Why a Wiki ?

jfdeclercq.com will always be around !! My Postnuke was hacked during Xmass 2005. I decided to migrate my postnuke site to phpWiki. This will allow me to avoid having two systems to maintain. phpWiki is simpler but is more what I need after all... See WebSiteHistory if you want to know more.

Structuring a Wiki is quite difficult if you don't always have self-discipline but here is an attempt : SiteMap.

News Archive

I have had this website for 6 years now... You can read the old news here : NewsArchive - Check This page for all Archives http://www.jfdeclercq.com/index.php?auto_redirect=1&pagename=TitleSearch&s=Archive

Who reads this site ?

Answer here : MyBlogLog

This site is not a true blog (Because I want to keep 100% control on my web site content and admin) but I use is as a Blog.

Who writes this text ?

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