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Process Intelligence Legend


Regular Business Processes

Those business processes are the automated versions of the good old way. It remains the backbone of the company : 80% of the business follows these rules.

Intelligent Business Processes

Those processes are able to take intelligent decisions by themselves. For doing that they use Business Rules and Intelligence Data.

Dynamic Business Processes

Those processes are able to be automatically generated by Intelligent Agents in real time. Intelligent Data watch online Intelligence Data and generate new business processes in real time. Those new processes are aligned with the Entreprise capabilities and the company business rules.

Entreprise Capabilities

These are all the services that the company offers to

Intelligent Agents

Intelligent Agents propose new business processes by optimizing company goals in real time.

Intelligence Data

The data required to

  • monitor what's happening in the business and trigger business events
  • support decision making for agents and within business processes

(The Semantic Web should play a major role there - see The semantic Web Vision).

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