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August 2021

@Schreuer Juste 50% de l'humanité suffirait je pense
RT @BjoernRochel: This? is one of the most insightful and useful models I?ve seen in the last 10 years. More than 100 years old, originated in Prussian militay and still relevant in times of high uncertainty, both in organizations and software architecture #3gaps #artofaction https://t.co/wS5OWtZSgO

July 2021

@Microsoft No, because your sso doesn't work well on office365...
Thank you @WoutvanAert ! You were the best ! Silver for Belgium !

June 2021

RT @ArchiMate_r: Read @TheOpenGroup guide to Agile Architecture Modeling Using the ArchiMate® Language, read the html version online now at https://t.co/xThT6LBRBr https://t.co/K6tnD5bfjn
RT @OptaJoe: 4 - Kevin De Bruyne is the only European player to have assisted a goal in each of the last four major tournaments (World Cup & Euros), doing so in the 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 editions. Unrivalled. #BEL #EURO2020 https://t.co/Su6Cpna63p
Installing Microsoft Teams for personal use (no organization behind) is complex and useless. Just lost 1 hour to try to make it work on Ubuntu to help a friend. The SSO with hotmail doesn't work. We ended up launching the meeting in Google Chrome.
Belle idée : "Les détenus sont capables de devenir des développeurs web opérationnels en 9 mois" https://t.co/KpTzSO2KTt

May 2021

@Tibius Il pensait peut-être a Ben Johnson pour qui injection=performance :-)
@giroditalia How come @EvenepoelRemco has "NO SIGNAL" on the rider's stats ? https://t.co/vpWoVtu1xu
@rvangucht @wielerman Top magazine, veel info, zeer goed verslag !
@janvdp Take a shower. I have read once that de-stressing liberates your brain, allowing to imagine other possibilities (day dreaming). At that moment you can have an eureka.

April 2021

RT @tetradian: My slidedeck for the #IQPC EA Summit in Sydney, 'Tools and techniques for whole-enterprise architecture', is now up on Slideshare at https://t.co/zsJfWrjUDM #entarch #bizarch #conference #change
@benjadeceuninck merci pour la bonne humeur dans La Tribune
@keersmaecker Als Wout niet wint, hij is op de podium of top 10. NIEMAND doet beter dan hem !
@RoBeenkens @JumboVismaRoad Ses coéquipiers ne savent pas le suivre mais qui d'autre le peut systématiquement ?
RT @MeteOrihuela: ¡Brutal! Vaivén térmico. Mañana martes (06/04/2021), #calor en puntos de interior del sureste de la #PenínsulaIbérica, hasta 29-30ºC. Pero, pasado mañana miércoles (07/04/2021), irrupción de aire ártico que provocará un notable descenso de las temperaturas. Vídeo: @ScottDuncanWX. https://t.co/cTvLZ1jLSJ

March 2021

C'est horrible mais je sais pas m'empêcher de rire avec cette une : la Une de Charlie Hebdo qui fait scandale au Royaume-Uni https://t.co/cXdg2AFVaw

February 2021

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