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December 2020

Looking back at 2020, are you able to tell (in simple words) which business/technical pains you relieved and which business/technical gains you could amplify ? #value #entarch
When I think about our 50% taxes in Belgium. ..The difference between Belgium and China is that Belgium is half liberal/half communist and China is half communist/half liberal.

November 2020

#decathlon nous montre que quand on a des valeurs on ne travaille pas avec n'importe qui. Quitte a être moins populaire et a y perdre quelques plumes.
Comme par hazard Eden est négatif tout à coup...
RT @FarandWidecom: These maps will have you ready for your next trivia night!

October 2020

When my wife asks me ?what do you want ?? I always respond : ?World Peace, Stop climate change and stop COVID?. "Stop COVID" is new since 2020? "World peace" has been since Miss Congeniality https://t.co/vH7wvcKGn1

When my wife asks “what do you want ?

I always respond : “World Peace, Stop climate change and stop COVID“.

Stop Covid is new since 2020…

World peace has been since Miss Congeniality:

@Tibius Oui c'est pénible, tous les jours la même chose.
@SofBennani Pour moi on peut dire les deux. Le virus covid ou la maladie du coronavirus (le d de covid est disease qui se traduit par maladie)
@Tibius Peut-être qu'en Belgique on a un tissu social plus dense....
@simonbrown @kornys I'd call it an opportunity. Sometimes the driver costs mor than the car.
@simonbrown @kornys Sell a small consulting mission to determine how much they should buy.
Nous souffrons tous car le covid nous éloigne de nos rêves.

September 2020

RT @UCI_cycling: We think the cameraman deserves a rainbow jersey too.. ? #Imola2020 https://t.co/oqNi0eUM2d
@librarianbe Nope. Go and meet the person in real life: no browser compatibility problems, no app, no account, high video res, top sound...;-)
@petosagan @LeTour Great battle ! Thanks for the show !
RT @telemis: TELEMIS Deutschland informiert: Wir suchen einen Area Sales Manager (Süddeutschland) um unser Team zu verstärken. Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, klicken Sie auf den Link, um mehr zu erfahren! ?? https://t.co/JXwzcjRc5x https://t.co/p4CtBgFXuu
Can't wait for @tiesto 's 700th podcast. So many years, so many podcasts and never disappointed. Thank you and long live Techno, House and all kind of EDM.
RT @DingemanAnton: Pas op mensen! Ga nou niet logisch nadenken in coronatijd! Dingeman in @Trouw https://t.co/VEMc65SVnK

August 2020

Enterprise architecture has been quietly eating away at the silos | ZDNet https://t.co/rgU8oLeVUl

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