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May 2020

Ce qui rend heureux c'est la liberté de chercher son bonheur (Milod Forman)
RT @Robertc1970: I was once invited to speak at McKinsey. I started by asking, ?how many of you have ever started or run your own business?? No one put their hands up. I then announced the name of my presention, ?Anything is easy when you don?t have to do it?. I?ve not been invited back.

This picture represents my current work on the control of robots in the context of Robotic Process Automatin (RPA).

The more powerful our robots, the more controls we should organize and execute.

RT @ComplotsFaciles: En raison de la baisse de la pollution, il est maintenant possible d'apercevoir les fichiers que nous enregistrons dans le cloud !!! #NousSachons #ConfinementJour43 https://t.co/drEjr7Ebut

April 2020

"Le problème, c?est de penser sans profondeur, puis de parler avec autant d?assurance." (Jerome Collin)
RT @ComplotsFaciles: C'est la période idéale pour jouer au bingo : https://t.co/mhciVYUhIp
@Korben Faire fonctionner la planche à billet est en réalité une taxe universelle. L'argent dévalue car les billets deviennent moins rare. Ceux qui en possèdent le plus (les plus riches) perdent le plus. Nous allons donc tous perdre du pouvoir d'achat.
RT @twisteddoodles: How do I know if I?m too close to people? #SocialDistancing https://t.co/2kK1ND0dDW

March 2020

@JAVAUXM On doit tous se battre contre le covid, certains plus que d'autres. Je vous souhaite de le terrasser !
RT @KiwiEV: In Italy today, a priest decided to live-stream a mass due to COVID-19. Unfortunately he activated the video filters by mistake. https://t.co/zu2qwAlCyT
@BooXtream When you are a visionary, you sometimes need to wait for those who don't have a clue...
"And wouldn't it be nice to live together In the kind of world where we belong?"
An architecture is not only determined by its own functionality and performance, but also how it is integrated in its ecosystem. #entarch

February 2020

RT @RudyakMarina: What to do if you can't shake hands? #coronavirus #creativity #china https://t.co/MZ5aginwdD
"Embed your senior designer into the C-suite" : McKinsey Insights: Are you asking enough from your design leaders? https://t.co/XBVB5fJdoG

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