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January 2020

"La beauté n'existe pas, elle est là ou on la voit. Et lui (Jean-Paul Gauthier), nous la montre." #france2 #le20h
@XenitECM @ucll_ict Question is : what confidence level is acceptable to avoid annoying process inefficiencies and confidentiality breaches ?
"Drink your own champagne" is better than "Eat your own dog food"
My 2 jArchi scripts (one new as I had forgotten to post it last year) #arcimate #archi ? https://t.co/XnFY4spHGF https://t.co/glgKYXIzzm

Last year I wrote 2 jArchi scrips. Those scripts allow to add functionality to the Archimate toolkit. (The Archimate toolkit is a a tool which allow Business and IT Architects to model the Business/Enterprise/IT architectutes using the Archimate notation.)

The scripts are tagged #jarchi on Github. (See also github/jfdeclercq)

I always need to search for my own scripts so I post them here also.

Script to add a note to a diagram:

 * New Archi Script
console.log("AddNote Started !");
//var date = new Date();
//var note = archimateView.createObject("note", 10, 200, -1, -1);
//note.setText("This is a note.\n\nHello World!");
//var note = visualObject.createObject("note", 10, 200, -1, -1);

// Get the first view in the current selection
var view = selection.filter("archimate-diagram-model").first();
// Get current date
var currentDate = new Date();
// Create a new note and set its text
var note = view.createObject("note", 10, 10, 300, -1);
note.text = view.name + "\n" + currentDate.toString() +"\n" + "Jean-Francois Declercq";
note.fillColor = "#e2e2be";
console.log("Note added to " + view.name);

Script to export a diagram as picture with the name of the view as proposed image name:

//Export View as image (PNG)  with date and diagram name in filename.

// Get the first view in the model
//var view = $("view").first();
var view = selection.filter("archimate-diagram-model").first();
// Get the Base64 bytes of the view in PNG format. Can use "PNG", "BMP", "JPG" or "GIF"
// Options are scale (1 - 4) and margin (pixel value)
var bytes = $.model.renderViewAsBase64(view, "JPG", {scale: 1, margin: 20});

var date = new Date();

// Ask for a file name
var fileName = window.promptSaveFile( { title: "Save View", filterExtensions: [ "*.jpg" ], fileName: ""+ date.toISOString().replace(":","").replace("T","-").slice(0,15)+ "-" + view.name + ".jpg" } );
if(fileName) {
    // Write to file
    $.fs.writeFile(fileName, bytes, "BASE64");

How would you define your Minimum Viable Business ? Some answers here #businessarchitecture https://t.co/msDnGcPPNg
Building a new business requires building many capabilities... do you have an idea of the number of capabilities your business has ? #entarch #businessarchitecture

December 2019

What is robotic process automation (RPA) ? - Definition of the day (whatis dot com ) https://t.co/nAUQHzoTGc
RT @Obeo_Fr: Suivez pas-à-pas @fmadiot dans la modélisation de l'organisation d'une entreprise, et en l'occurrence de sa couche métier. Simple, rapide et efficace avec #ObeoSmartEA 5.0. #EntArch #ArchiMate #Cartographie https://t.co/dXuLZ5UxkS https://t.co/pPL46YCcDE
@ArchiToolkit If they could all donate... Become Patreons !

November 2019

Le risque de pauvreté touche désormais un Belge sur six | L'Echo https://t.co/sDsr0g0jWE
Can you have a tactical solution for a strategic goal ?
@mayama38 Parcequ' il fallait marquer le coup. Et mettre les points sur les i.
@ptitelaurette77 Elles ont toutes des lunettes...
RT @enricomolinari: #robots are officially better at reading comprehension than humans TY @nowthisnews via @enricomolinari #ML #DL #quantumcomputing #digital #fintech @ChickTech @devdevcharlie @wfcrittenden2 @farbodsaraf @fortivus @haydentiff @AISOMA_AG @data_nerd @StressFreeKids @marielysngallo https://t.co/iUTyt97MI0
"Thank you" @godaddy for removing all my @bluehost DNS entries. Had to repair it all this morning....

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