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October 2019

"Après le plaisir d'être apprécié par les gens intelligents, il n'y en a pas de plus grand que celui de n'être pas compris par les brouillons qui ne savent exprimer qu'en charabia ce qui leur tient lieu de pensée."
RT @IncS2e: New article on how #BusinessArchitecture is a keystone and starting point for #DigitalReadiness by @DigitalEraNow. #BusArch #BizArch #DigitalTransformation #DigitalEconomy #StrategyExecution #S2E https://t.co/ifGWnDxu6a https://t.co/3Dp70KKjpu https://t.co/I9B0PzZNgS
Quand tu vas a la piscine, tu fais deux fois du sport: quand tu nages puis quand tu dois te rhabiller dans la petite cabine.

September 2019

RT @ComplotsFaciles: En fait les Simpsons l'avaient encore PLUS prévu que ce que je pensais tout à l'heure : https://t.co/svfx1wdo2S
RT @Eurosport_UK: European Champion Johan Price-Pejtersen makes a splash in the U23 Men's Individual Time Trial ? #Yorkshire2019 https://t.co/jAc7yiqRqq
@jbsarrodie @ArchiToolkit Don't forget to also export the contents of notes so we can have that text for copy/paste in the export.
RT @TheOpenGroup: Business Architecture Q&A with @aj_josey , The Open Group, and Paul Homan, @IBM #BizArch Check out the informative YouTube video here: https://t.co/L3BPOZewrv
@ArchiToolkit Export / import from projects to projects
RT @WSFR_Cyclisme: #LaVuelta19 Avec une moyenne de 50,63 km/h, c'est la deuxième étape la plus rapide de ces 20 dernières années sur #LaVuelta après la 9e étape de 2001 entre Logroño et Zaragoza qui s'était roulé à plus de 55 !!!!! #lesrp https://t.co/6aXCaB81de

August 2019

"If you don't attack the problem, the problem will attack you". #quote
Tweet of the Day: Angel Madrazo Hit by his Team Car, Goes on to Win the Stage Video | Road Bike Action https://t.co/mZAhrSD7IU
RT @EvenepoelRemco: Media, journalists, whatever. Please, don?t send fake news into the world. You guys just try to break me by mixing good news with bad news. Just stop this bullshit, okay? Retweet this post as much as possible. Thanks ??? https://t.co/b3q9iF8jnk
I hope you can find a good club to show your talents @RomeluLukaku9

July 2019

RT @DigitalTrends: .@IBM's Wimbledon-watching A.I. has learned to appreciate tennis for us. https://t.co/5nQx0Jidje
RT @LeTour: RT & follow to win a Yellow Jersey signed by @alafpolak1 with @lecoqsportif. RT & follow pour tenter de gagner un @MaillotjauneLCL signé par @alafpolak1 avec @lecoqsportif. #TDF2019 https://t.co/u75zLsd3Bg
RT @mashable: The future of self-driving taxis may be closer than you think https://t.co/9H1Fp6FLhS
RT @TheOpenGroup: Brand new @TheOpenGroup blog! Snapshot of The Open Group Agile Architecture Framework - A Conversation with Walters Obenson. #Agile #Architecture #EntArch #AAF Available via: https://t.co/dPj0fn15e5
RT @Aliaslili72: #bonjovimemories #twclassic #bonjovi2019 #BonJovi https://t.co/yFbnNqtNO2
My grandfather was in the army and he said to his soldiers : "if it was easy, I would do it myself". I often say to my colleagues, "if there wasn't a mess here we would be out of our job". Bringing order where there is chaos, there lies the value...

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