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April 2018

"Robo-advisors are very flexible, and can manage investment plans for clients with various asset levels." How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business in 2017 https://t.co/CsMUeyGM9T

You either get bitter or you get better.…

Web 3.0 here we come... on https://t.co/hxJ1iELm3s : Why the Web 3.0 Matters and you should know about it https://t.co/MFwpEf4A35
Agile?s dark secret? IT has little need for the usual methodologies | CIO https://t.co/VgKodeiRGG
@rcallewaert The key is to address the community with their "what's in it for me". Not easy... my experience : https://t.co/xzzDBgbbw4
Quel chance de l'avoir vu en direct. C'est l'égal du but de Zidane en 2002 https://t.co/Hz8su49s9j https://t.co/lkLVMM18XG
Watch "Big-Wave Surfing at Nazaré Portugal - "Size Matters" (2018)" on YouTube https://t.co/6Iobm9DDGp

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.…

Don’t raise your voice: improve your argument.…

Direction is much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.


March 2018

RT @IncS2e: Here is a compilation of loads of #BusinessArchitecture resources you can use. Check them out and share! https://t.co/U5vKvfXPWo #BusArch #BizArch https://t.co/pVoiXJ4t1f
Don't raise your voice, raise your argument
Let's not throw away the sandwish with the bathwater
I wanted to know more about #BIZBOK. I'm now a member of the business architecture guild. https://t.co/QWScIIlZUs #entarch
Moi j'aime bien quand Walter dit "c'est bien joué de l'arbitre". Ca me fait toujours marrer. #rtlsport
RT @BrusselsLife: Amateur de #velo et de #voyage ? Rendez-vous ce samedi à Watermael-Boitsfort pour le premier #festival du voyage à vélo ! Une bonne occasion pour préparer vos prochaines #vacances ??? https://t.co/4KsDjAwTyw
Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools | Enterprise Architecture Software for Digital Transformation | MEGA https://t.co/Fo7LUD9fxF
Business Architecture Books: A short list to learn business architecture https://t.co/llhNQHK7CZ

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