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January 2018

In the agile way of working, Enterprise Architects become more "coaches" than Solution Architects. We will need to use our soft skills even more. #entarch #agile
Good article about Features and Capabilities ? Scaled Agile Framework https://t.co/8gVQHrQ8Bd #agile #entarch

From January 1st 2017 until Sept 15th 2017, I worked as “IT Demand Excellence Manager” at PVGroup.

I managed a team of about 5 Enterprise IT architects and 5 Domain Experts (Non-Life, Life, Claims, Employee Benefits and Front).

This was a very good team to aim at the description of the complete Enterprise Architecture : from Business Processes to Technical Infrastructure.

Together we developed an interesting “Enterprise Architecture” process with several activities:

  • Intake
  • Production
  • Review
  • Validation
  • Harvesting

This was the ITDEME  (IT Demand Excellence) process.

In addition we were busy with building some new digital foundations : ESB, ECM, IAM……

Entendu aujourd'hui par rapport a un gars qui pousse pour quelque chose dans un projet : "des mecs qui poussent il y en a plein les toilettes"
I'm find it exiting to think about how we will eventually combine automatic decision taking with a BRMS, process orchestration with BPM and manual work automation with Robotics.
I like the title : "Startup Assumptions are Like Assholes???Everyone Has One and Most are Full of Shit" https://t.co/N7AxbwAtou
Le processus microcognitif du cerveau: 1) perception et premières conclusions 2) analyse des actions possibles 3) mise en oeuvre de l'action choisie
Le processus microcognitif du cerveau: 1) perception et premières conclusions 2) analyse des actions possibles 3) mise en oeuvre de l'action choisie
RT @calibrators: Met trots stelt Calibrate graag de gloednieuwe website van #rscanderlecht voor ? https://t.co/A1DJX4ODWj Wat vinden jullie ervan? https://t.co/jKqDD7QSYZ
@FloHeyNo Moi c'est plutôt le fossé riches-pauvres qui m'ennuie. Ou le manque de tolérance. Chacun son truc...
RT @BMCProTeam: Want to know where you can catch us in action in 2018? Check out our race calendar and put the dates in your diary ? https://t.co/e6hxJj0I4T https://t.co/ZBLvOwTxnh
Et si je faisais un an sans réseaux sociaux ? #nanjedeconne #quoique

December 2017

Girls have taken over real Techno : #charlottedewitte , #dj_kseniameow .... see on YouTube https://t.co/5nIBk6Y0sl
via Instagram http://ift.tt/2BVktSE

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