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December 2017

Windows 10 face unlock can be tricked using printed headshot | ZDNet https://t.co/pf62Xyo2TW
QPR delivers process mining software to a leading Nordic logistics company. - ForexTV #bpm #entarch https://t.co/OEtu8wQ5Kd
RT @Qsaving: New Crypto Currency Launched by Top Company Ethereum - Trade through Plus 500 - Ethereum Bit Coins - currently around 0.030 - absolute bargain price - buy 250,000 - The quickest way to be an millionaire https://t.co/6gRAWa20Jk https://t.co/BraZu3dfVD

November 2017

For the 3s (series of small successes), limit your scope as much as possible at each step.
RT @DeepTech_: The AI pyramid of needs, or why you need a solid foundation for effective #AI and Machine Learning, by @mrogati https://t.co/7IUnykh2h3 #ML
RT @_Quentinn: - T?as fait une blague contre les chips c?est raciste envers les irlandais qui ont du fuir leur pays en 1845 à cause des patates. - Feur
workers up on the latest in cloud, open source, mobile, big data and security = the most in demand for 2018.  https://t.co/2YPXb0YsnL

October 2017

22 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said 1 Thing Separates People Who Achieve From Those Who Only Dream https://t.co/eoMXA8Nhnb https://t.co/7HP0KiyYq4
RT @telemis: Are you willing to join a young and dynamic company specialized in PACS? Check out our website and apply online:? https://t.co/pnONcitKPS
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September 2017

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Thanks @niekdevisscher and @BAEA_ for the presentation on Design Thinking yesterday ! Food for thougth for #entarch
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RT @arjantelintelo: Niet alleen appen tijdens auto rijden brengt risico's met zich mee... #veiligheid #automotive https://t.co/Cx7Nl9wW9s
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August 2017

RT @RnA_EA: Free ArchiMate metamodel PDFs updated to new ArchiMate version 3.0.1 https://t.co/SagsWTOAJP #entarch #bizarch #itarch #archimate. Enjoy.

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