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April 2017

RT @ReedsyHQ: How has Stephen King managed to sell 350 million copies? Learn his 8 writing strategies here:? https://t.co/dCFhe2jGqV
@LaurentSoual Utile pour les politiciens corrompus...
This morning I had to run to catch the train. It was on time and I was late #nmbs #sncb
Le chiffre d'affaire d'IBM recule pour le 20e trimestre d'affilé https://t.co/gKNiqYGSFr
RT @sporza: Supporters van @BVB bieden slaapplaats aan voor fans van @AS_Monaco via #bedforawayfans https://t.co/G2o4rI1OW5 https://t.co/I8xpXIdjUW
RT @SAP: Data needs to be socialized and free from silos to fuel the digital economy. Learn more: https://t.co/Yt10Fq5wvP https://t.co/lJy7EgTfEc
RT @alex_mallin: Reporters forgot to turn off Star Wars: Rogue One before @POTUS came back to visit the press cabin. https://t.co/FxuqdVNdXJ
RT @RTsiBae: Elle a filmé le changement de couleur du ciel et c'est la plus belle chose que j'ai jamais vu??? https://t.co/4vfeTvSUAy

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