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October 2016

ArchiMate 3.0 Concepts Overview Poster | Orbus soffware | #entarch https://t.co/NQyxtLgvy3
Working on smart prepayment (#UMIG : https://t.co/7hMChFWFGe) and smart meters https://t.co/6PTIGt07ez #electricity #gaz
Berrisford: "Enterprise architects are expected to view the enterprise as a system, or system of systems. " #entarch https://t.co/BqecIPLzI6
#MBTI The best jobs for your personality type | World Economic Forum https://t.co/EyQHxYLfFk
Dessiner sur un mur dans l'ombre en contrebas du chemin de fer, un grafitti qui dit "the sky is the limit" je trouve ça génial. #train #hope
This is a great pubpication. I love it. To use every time. World-Class EA: Business Reference Model - W146 https://t.co/aUGt4RkT05 #entarch

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