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February 2016

Some good ex-colleagues there : IT en processen bij #Colruyt Group: ontmoet de 10 van BP&S! - YouTube https://t.co/B4Uk78FFYl
"Critical Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Before 8 AM" on @LinkedIn https://t.co/mq0x3EWgOW
"Unfortunately, we live in a sea of mediocrity in all walks of life. We live amid a fracturing of civility. Everywhere we go as consumers, we?re getting people who don?t want to reach into our hearts or know who we are; they want to reach into our wallets and get some money. The only way we can succeed and sustain growth is linked to the basic elements of one cup of coffee, one customer, and one barista at a time." Schulz, Starbucks
Just commented on "Do Not Confuse Data Governance With Data Management" | Forrester Blogs https://t.co/ep5OEeTtVz

I took some time today to gather some Enterprise Architecture links:


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J'ai installé l'app Trello sur mon smartphone. Pads mal. Simple et efficace.
J'ai installé l'app Trello sur mon smartphone. Pads mal. Simple et efficace.
Think !
(Original post : in 2007 I think since I was working at IBM…)
What to do with a Business Process Management Platform ?

IBM’s Software Portfolio contains Business Process Management Tools. When and how you should use a BPM platform such as WebSphere Business Process Manager depends on the type of Business Process that you want to automate.

Types of Business Processes

I classify 4 types of Business Processes in a 2 dimensional table – 1 is not enough and 3 is too much for marketing :-).


The horizontal axis is the differentiation axis:

  • Differentiating : You have business processes which are truly differentiating : your company is the only one to make it that way, or produces that type of products or services.
  • Non-Differentiating : Those business processes are just standard business processes. You do the same as the competition in that domain.

The vertical axis is the “core business” axis:

  • Core business processes : those business processes are core to your company. Example : Credit or Payment processes in a Bank.
  • Non Core business processes : those business processes aren’t really linked to your company but you need to have them. Example : Payroll, Company Cars, Building Maintenance and Security…


Good Boys

For two cases, it really makes sense to master a BPM platform in house :

  • “Non-Differntiating” and “Core Business” Business Processes. Those business processes just belong to your industry and so you need to have them. For instance, in the Pharma industry, you need to communicate with the FDA in order to commercialize drugs. In that case, it’s a good idea to try to automate the business processes in order to reduce cost to a maximise. I qualify this zone as “OPTIMIZE” business processes.
  • Differentiating and Core Business : those business processes is your battle field. It’s the place to win new customers by being faster, smarter and offer more than the competition. Those processes are in the INNOVATE zone. It’s the place where you can innovate. Working with a strong BPM and SOA platform can help you achieve your goals faster by providing IT agility.

Bad Boys

For the two other cases, it’s less obvious why you’d need a BPM platform. However:

  • Non-Differentiatng and Non-Core Business : in this case you run business processes which are not really important for you and that will not help you to win market share. This kind of processes should be outsourced to other companies : I put them in the OUTSOURCE zone. Example : outsourcing of Company Cars Pool Management to external companies like ?LeasePlan. If you absolutely want to keep those processes in-house, you’d better manage them right in order to avoid hidden costs and benchmark them. A BPM platform is a plus in that case only.
  • Differentiating and Non-Core Businesses : the first question is to know WHY you are doing this. You have diversified your company with differentiating processes which are non-core. You have two options to handle this : make them core business by adapting the strategy – adding a business unit- or stop doing them by selling or outsourcing them to someone who wants to make them strategic. If they can’t be dropped or promoted to the strategy, you’ll need to manage them you can take advantage of the BPM platform you have bought for your core-processes. Just keep them independant such that you can sell them at any time.

Which Core Business Processes would benefit the most from a BPM platform ?

It depends. You can jump into the “Winning the Customer Battle” by providing better services but you can also cut down prices and/or increase margins by optimizing . IBM wants to help companies to Innovate by becoming the Innovator’s Innovator (Seehttp://www.ibm.com/innovation/guide/conclusion.shtml) and after all optimization sometimes requires innovation….

Next question : How does processes stability play a role ?

One of the earliest published (naming) convention systems was IBM's "OF Language" in a 1980s IMS - Wikipedia https://t.co/5pB1M6AmAD
RT @AccentureTech: Digital biz in the next decade is more than zeroes & ones. People matter: #TechVision2016 https://t.co/y6aIA2CHpb https://t.co/Q8BGDKjLvk
Aujourd'hui mon chef et moi avons été qualifiés d'ayatollahs (de la gouvernance IT). #cestpastouslesjours #quenpenser #entarch
Aujourd'hui mon chef et moi avons été qualifiés d'ayatollahs (de la gouvernance IT). #cestpastouslesjours #quenpenser #entarch
I would like to thank...
RT @systemsflow: Our blog article on architecture diplomacy: https://t.co/Pw0cyeNaob #EntArch
@EricStephens not only for electricity but also to build and set up the network infrastructure...
Too many ideas not enough time.


Foire du Livre/ PILEn, Lundi 22 février, 09h30-17h00, journée professionnelle autour du numérique https://t.co/ieIlcMfwuU
La production d?ebooks : une nouvelle facette du métier d?éditeur ? | Lettres Numériques https://t.co/kDYKKwRrHL

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