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January 2020

"La beauté n'existe pas, elle est là ou on la voit. Et lui (Jean-Paul Gauthier), nous la montre." #france2 #le20h
@XenitECM @ucll_ict Question is : what confidence level is acceptable to avoid annoying process inefficiencies and confidentiality breaches ?
"Drink your own champagne" is better than "Eat your own dog food"
My 2 jArchi scripts (one new as I had forgotten to post it last year) #arcimate #archi ? https://t.co/XnFY4spHGF https://t.co/glgKYXIzzm
How would you define your Minimum Viable Business ? Some answers here #businessarchitecture https://t.co/msDnGcPPNg
Building a new business requires building many capabilities... do you have an idea of the number of capabilities your business has ? #entarch #businessarchitecture

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