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May 2012

RT @joonaslehtinen: #Vaadin was selected as a national finalist European Business Awards: http://t.co/baRZbS4b">http://t.co/baRZbS4b #in (from Twitter)
Au suivant... (from Twitter)
RT @abulkens: Vereenvoudigde communicatie binnen NMBS-Groep dankzij integratie Microsoft-oplossingen. http://t.co/JqgRrDuY">http://t.co/JqgRrDuY #lync #ucoms ... (from Twitter)
More and more Office crashes on my mac... (from Twitter)

I re-draw the VEP architecture (that you can see here) in the Archimate notation using Archi.

Here is the result…

Text Analytics for Unstructured Information Management http://t.co/TmK43CV4">http://t.co/TmK43CV4 (from Twitter)
Microsoft lanceert So.cl: sociaal netwerk voor social search - Frankwatching http://t.co/MUaUqf9A">http://t.co/MUaUqf9A (from Twitter)
Qu?est ce qu?on mange aujourd?hui ?: http://t.co/tilQ58fi">http://t.co/tilQ58fi (from Twitter)
Mobile Marketing by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/lm7tdYrf">http://t.co/lm7tdYrf (from Twitter)
RT @willscott45: #entarch #gartnerea #ppm Study finds Enterprise architecture is the most needed skill for U.S. organizations http://t.c">http://t.c ... (from Twitter)
Generating Entreprise Architect Diagrams from WSDL and XML Schemas (NCIP)... (from Twitter)
Beau planté de la météo aujourd'hui... Beau temps au lieu de pluie. Cool. (from Twitter)
RT @RemiMathis: Echec de #1001libraires : les pro du livre le prédisaient dès le lancement http://t.co/y45tquY2">http://t.co/y45tquY2 http://t.co/FBHzyVNi">http://t.co/FBHzyVNi htt ... (from Twitter)
RT @GillesKLEIN: 34 ministres et autant d'urgences (Une Le Monde) (from Twitter)
@mireillevetters vtm ? why not... (from Twitter)
RT @rolandgarros: Happy Birthday to the beautiful Gabriela Sabatini ! (from Twitter)
Succes op Facebook? Themacommunities verhogen de slaagkans! - Frankwatching http://t.co/2HagRouU">http://t.co/2HagRouU (from Twitter)
RT @gotze: I really like the new Common Approach to Federal EA in the US. Will embrace it here in Europe http://t.co/cldC4Z7e">http://t.co/cldC4Z7e #entarch (from Twitter)
Follow all conversations about Enterprise Architecture on T#M « EAVOLUTION http://t.co/CPZnbbDU">http://t.co/CPZnbbDU (from Twitter)

Image  We have launched today (May 16th 2012) a new theme on T#M to follow all conversations on Entreprise Architecture. We follow the tags #entarch and #archimate.

You’ll find it here : http://thm.cc/entarch

Pourquoi tourmentes-tu de desseins éternels une âme trop petite ? Pourquoi ne pas aller ou sous ce haut platane ou sous ce pin s'étendre ? (from Twitter)
SMBs still unsure about social media ROI http://t.co/s9TvvwJO">http://t.co/s9TvvwJO (from Twitter)
Le phénomène qui permet l'évolution, c'est le chaos momentané. http://t.co/H5hEtR6i">http://t.co/H5hEtR6i (from Twitter)
RT @ginatrapani: Appreciate critiques of the work, but when an OSS leader goes w/ "you're a moron" it poisons the community. http://t.co">http://t.co ... (from Twitter)
RT @ginatrapani: Appreciate critiques of the work, but when an OSS leader goes w/ "you're a moron" it poisons the community. http://t.co">http://t.co ... (from Twitter)
RT @rgrfm: Wat gemist, herbeluister hier alles opnieuw! http://t.co/TTzAQw1J">http://t.co/TTzAQw1J (from Twitter)
I strive to be an Enterprise architect for my customers. http://t.co/duO7cGCs">http://t.co/duO7cGCs (from Twitter)
Qui sont les twitteurs high-tech les plus influents en Belgique? - Datanews.be http://t.co/GBRfCDj4">http://t.co/GBRfCDj4 (from Twitter)
SOA Reference Architectures « EAVOLUTION http://t.co/NxnwS75Y">http://t.co/NxnwS75Y (from Twitter)

For all my customers, I try to map their environment into a SOA Reference architecture. This forces me to understand how their connect with customers, what applications they use, how they integrate them and most importantly what are their business processes.

There are several representations of a SOA architecture that I have worked with. For the moment I  tend to use the representation of the Open Group SOA RA  :


Using Archimate this can be represented like this:

Just got my first marketing call in english from ?? London... rather say India... "Hello Sir, my name is Mary" (chanting voice) (from Twitter)
RT @kristofdewulf: How to break free of inertia and get social operations to work for you http://t.co/xMVi0Rxf">http://t.co/xMVi0Rxf #forrester (from Twitter)

You should use an the Interface element of the application layer…

The application interface concept can be used to model both application-to-application interfaces, which offer internal application services, and application-to business interfaces (and/or user interfaces), which offer external application services.


Van cocreatie naar collaboratie: 5 pijlers voor succes - Frankwatching http://t.co/2clr9hxd">http://t.co/2clr9hxd (from Twitter)
Marre de cette météo... J'ai envie d'avoir chaud ! (from Twitter)
I'm quiet sure #GMail scripts slow down #Firefox with memory leaks on purpose to let us switch to #Googlechrome... (from Twitter)
La Belgique renoue avec la croissance, Actualités http://t.co/iq8fvFUM">http://t.co/iq8fvFUM (from Twitter)
Culture RP » La communication d?un livre numérique http://t.co/15zhJtYA">http://t.co/15zhJtYA (from Twitter)
On rique pas d'avoir un Steve Jobs en Belgique; quand on voit qu'on râle quand un gars super comme Jean-Luc Dehaene gagne 3 millions d'Eur (from Twitter)

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