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Bravo to the Netherlands
I have been involved in several activities with professionals from the Netherlands those last 3 months.
  1. I was recently working with a great IBM colleague - a IBM Websphere Portlet Factory specialist- in a POC. And I have worked with other excellent Dutch during my carreer. Dutch colleagues tend to ask a lot of annoying questions but if you are honnest, you know they are the right questions.
  2. The majority of my IT Architect Master Programme courses (Operational Modeling, Philips Design, Personal Improvement, Business Architecture, Creative Thinking...) were given by Ducth professors and thanks to them I have gained a lot of respect for their country. I can feel there is some leadership and vision on business questions.
  3. One of the technologies I'm watching is ePaper. The best eReader is Ducth : the Iliad has been developed by a spin-off of Philips : iRex Technologies.
I also know that the Ducth Economy is a very strong one : At this moment the Netherlands is the 16th largest economy of the world (See Wikipedia).

And finally if I add today's EURO2008's match against against Italy (3-0) ! I'm very close to dress in Orange. But not yet, don't worry.

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