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Tiesto At Noxx

Yesterday (Friday Nov 30th 2007), went to Antwerp at Noxx (http://www.noxxantwerp.be) for a DJ Tiesto (http://www.tiesto.com) concert.


I think I will NEVER go to a Tiesto concert again : It was way too expensive (35?/pers) for the experience that we had. The place was too much overcrowded and it was impossible to move or to find a confortable place where you could just stand to listen to the excellent music.

With our managerial point of view, we found that Noxx could be much better managed on the operational side. A lot of machines slow down the process at the bar, at the locker room... We also had to queue 25 minutes in the rain and cold before we could get in.


On the positive side, Tiesto's music is really GREAT. We had to wait until 02:30 for Tiesto to start the concert. Even if the other DJ before Tiesto was very good, once Tiesto started we could feel that the music had jumped into a higher level, a master level.

You have to check Tiesto's music on this Podcast : http://www.radio538.nl/clublife/podcast.xml

Also as it was overcrowded in the main room, we moved away and we enjoyed dancing in the 2 other rooms where other DJs were mixing. They were excellent as well.

So we had fun but it was not optimal for enjoying Tiesto's music and therefore we have the feeling that the value for money was too low.

Comments here : http://jfdeclercq.blogspot.com/2007/12/tiesto-concert-at-noxx-antwerp.html

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